‘Masking’ i ‘Umbrella trials design’ – hasła przygotowane przez zespół REMEDY do nowej edycji ‘The Sage Encyclopedia of Research Design’

W marcu 2022 ukazało się nowe wydanie The SAGE Encyclopedia of Research Design. Członkowie REMEDY są autorami dwóch haseł: ‘Masking’ oraz ‘Umbrella trials design’. Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z publikacjami. 


The SAGE Encyclopedia of Research Design

Second Edition (Revised Edition)
Four Volume Set
Edited by: Bruce B. Frey – University of Kansas, USA

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Research Design maps out how one makes decisions about research design, interprets data, and draws valid inferences, undertakes research projects in an ethical manner, and evaluates experimental design strategies and results. From A-to-Z, this four-volume work covers the spectrum of research design strategies and topics including, among other things: fundamental research design principles, ethics in the research process, quantitative versus qualitative and mixed-method designs, completely randomized designs, multiple comparison tests, diagnosing agreement between data and models, fundamental assumptions in analysis of variance, factorial treatment designs, complete and incomplete block designs, Latin square and related designs, hierarchical designs, response surface designs, split-plot designs, repeated measures designs, crossover designs, analysis of covariance, statistical software packages, and much more.