Ethical challenges of clinical trials with a repurposed drug in outbreaks

What ethical challenges we may encounter when launching clinical trials of a repurposed drug? We encourage you to read our new article published in Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy. 

How to embed ethics into laboratory research – a new publication in the Accountability in Research

We kindly invite you to read our new article ‘How to embed ethics into laboratory research’ published in the Accountability Research. In this article, we present a strategy to embed ethics in a group of early-stage researchers performing research in gene therapy and regenerative medicine in the laboratory phase.

“Design Thinking” workshop

On Monday – January 9, 2023 – REMEDY team participated in a workshop on the Design Thinking method. „Design Thinking method has its origins in working methods used by designers creating things that are useful and also easy and fun to use. Apple’s first computer mouse for home computers was designed using this method. But over the past decade, Design Thinking has also made a dizzying career outside of design. Today, it is used in many areas of business – R&D, product and service development, marketing, management, or HR – wherever it is understood that customer, user, and employee experiences are essential.” Source: hearts & heads

New article published in BMC Research Notes

We kindly invite you to read our new article published in BMC Research Notes. In this paper, we consider whether local competition between SARS-CoV-2 trials may have impacted recruitment success. This study is a part of the project ‘Ethics of clinical trials during the COVID-19 pandemic’ funded by the National Science Centre in Poland.

Katarzyna Klaś with the Award for Best Doctoral Student

We are pleased to share that Katarzyna Klaś, a member of REMEDY, received the 1st-degree Award for Best Doctoral Student of the Doctoral School of Medical and Health Sciences at Jagiellonian University Medical College. She was awarded for her scientific and organizational achievements in the 2021/2022 academic year.