Paola Buedo about the CARTHAGO project and work in the REMEDY – an interview

We kindly invite you to read the interview with Paola Buedo, a member of the REMEDY team, who works as an Early Stage Researcher in the CARTHAGO project.

Research seminars: Peter Kakuk – Visiting Professor

REMEDY invites for two approaching research seminars with the Visiting Professor Peter Kakuk from Central Europan University and World Health Organization.

Save the dates!

Research seminar: Florencia Luna – Visiting Professor

Professor Florencia Luna – Director of the Program of bioethics at FLACSO (Latin American University of Social Sciences) visited Jagiellonian University Medical College and REMEDY Team. She gave the lecture entitled: A way forward on identifying and evaluating layers of vulnerability. 

REMEDY team member Karolina Strzebońska received an award for the 100 most talented early-stage scientists in Poland

We are pleased to announce that Karolina Strzebońska was awarded the prestigious START 2021 scholarship for the 100 most talented early-stage scientists in Poland from the FNP Foundation for Polish Science.