Doctoral defense of Mateusz Wasylewski

On February 9th, 2022, the public defense of the doctoral thesis of Mateusz Wasylewski MSc: ‘Social value and research waste in paediatric clinical trials’ took place. The thesis supervisor was Prof. Marcin Waligóra.

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New research grant for our team

We are happy to share that our research proposal ‘Patient-centered? Bioethics of adaptive design in clinical trials’ won funds from the National Science Centre as part of the OPUS 21 competition. The project will be led by Marcin Waligóra. 

Paola Buedo about the CARTHAGO project and work in the REMEDY – an interview

We kindly invite you to read the interview with Paola Buedo, a member of the REMEDY team, who works as an Early Stage Researcher in the CARTHAGO project.

Research seminars: Peter Kakuk – Visiting Professor

REMEDY invites for two approaching research seminars with the Visiting Professor Peter Kakuk from Central Europan University and World Health Organization.

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Research seminar: Florencia Luna – Visiting Professor

Professor Florencia Luna – Director of the Program of bioethics at FLACSO (Latin American University of Social Sciences) visited Jagiellonian University Medical College and REMEDY Team. She gave the lecture entitled: A way forward on identifying and evaluating layers of vulnerability.