Who we are

REMEDY, Research Ethics in Medicine Study Group is an interdisciplinary team of researchers dealing with the ethical aspects of conducting research with human participants.

What we do

1. Safe medication and medical procedures increase the quality and length of our lives. In order to have them, they first need to be tested in research involving human subjects. How can the participants of research be protected without hindering medicine? How can safe medication be delivered efficiently, without inconveniencing the people testing their effectiveness? REMEDY aims to work on proposing the regulations, standards and methodological solutions in this field.

2. Our main area of interest is research with vulnerable populations, including paediatric research. We also concentrate particularly on analysis of the factors influencing biomedical research in Central and Eastern Europe.

3. Our work includes adaptation of existing ethical principles for the new areas of biomedicine. We analyse international and domestic standards and data concerning the benefits and risks of taking part in biomedical studies. Based on these analyses, we propose regulatory tools. We also deliver high-quality data by carrying out systematic reviews and meta-analysis.



REMEDY’s goal is to deliver independent analyses. We therefore avoid conflicts of interest. Our projects, conferences and workshops are funded by public and non-profit organisations. To date we have been awarded funding by the following institutions:

The Biotethed Consortium/FP6
The Brocher Foundation
The COST – The European Cooperation in Science and Technology
The Fulbright Scholar Program
The Fogarty International Center-National Institutes of Health
The Foundation for Polish Science
The National Science Center
The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
PRIM&R: Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research
The Swiss National Science Foundation